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A Constructive Icon Critique & Icontest Community

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A Constructive Icon Critique & Icontest Community

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ICON CRITIQUE: Icontests & Concrit
A Stock Image Icontest Community
Rounds A
Rounds B
1. Rounds A take place the second part of the month.
2. The first part of the month voting will be posted for an open submission poll. This means the makers of the icons will be known.
3. The open submission period solicits entries in response to the previous person's prompt or inspiration from the previous person's entry. I will provide a challenge theme and prompts should be related in some way to the challenge theme. This allows more flexibility when creating your icons. Note: When selecting your image, keep in mind only stock images are accepted.
4. Rounds A entries are accepted from mid month to about the first of the month. Around the first of the month, the entries from the previous 2 - 2.5 weeks' will be posted for voting.
5. If you enter this leg of the month's icontests at least one concrit to a current Round A entry will be required.
6 If you enter the Round A icontest you are required to vote.
1. Rounds B take place the first part of the month.
2. The second part of the month voting will be posted for closed submissions. This means submissions for this voting poll have been screened.
3. Mods will provide three prompts, one of which will be a technical prompt and the other two will be an arbitrary prompt e.g., color, number or some such and one or more images. You will have the option to use one or all of the prompts for your single entry. Note: If you opt to use your own image, only stock images are accepted.
4. Voting for the closed submission period will be posted about mid month and will include submissions posted over the previous 2 - 2.5 weeks.
5. For the closed icontest concrit will be required along with your vote.
6. If you enter the Round B icontest you are required to vote.

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New to providing concrit? These guides may help:
1. neke's guide.
2. turbo_rumble's guide.
3. starwars_lims's guide.
4. wd_lims's guide.
5. The purpose of this community isn't to showcase a one true ideal with respect to iconning. Some participants have more experience than others. Some have a better trained eye or better facility than others when it comes to "art". The moment one believes they can only icon in one specific way with respect to the input of one specific iconner (or elite group of iconners) they close the doors to their own creativity. Please consider each concrit provided as a means to improvement in your own technique, style, and ability. I'm no expert iconner, however, I constantly remind myself the opinion of one or a few may not necessarily be the final and only valid opinion. If you're new to iconning, a simple statement as to what element of the icon worked or didn't work for you in an icon may prove emmensely helpful to another iconner be they novice or expert. But, one rule is hard and fast. Use constructive criticism with large doses of encouragement. Concrit does not include tearing down someone elses' work.